The restaurant

and its eventful history

As early as the 17th Century when the pub was called Schwarzer Adler, there was also a restaurant on the first floor. 

Joseph Vigil Schweiggl

Innkeeper and commander of the “Schützen Company”

Joseph Vigil Schweiggl, the locally most famous proprietor of the Schwarz Adler, was known as the commander of the “Schützen Company” comrade of the freedom fighter Andreas Hofer.  They fought side by side in the freedom war of 1809.  However, the time the proprietor did not attend to his pub turned into a sad story.  The local soldiers, who were the best guests at the pub, played their part that Maria Theresia, the youngest daughter of the proprietor, found it difficult to take over the enterprise and run it well. 

Pomella family

We conduct the inn with love for the architectural features of the historic building

In 1937, the Schwarz Adler changed ownership and since then is run by the Pomella family.  In 1975, the restaurant was revived according to the original ideas of the Schweiggl proprietor.  In 2007, it was lovingly renovated, with enormous detail and under consideration of the architectural features of historic times.  Since then, the entire complex is run in a modern way. 

Opening hours & News  

We are closed on Tuesday.

Opening hours of our kitchen
12:00 - 14:00
19:00 - 22:00

Sunday only lunch
12:00 – 15:00